Innovative solutions for Smart Parking

smart parking system

SMART Parking System

The technology developed by our team makes it possible to monitor the occupancy status of parking spaces in real time and communicate it via the latest IoT technologies to the CityZ platform.


The services we provide vary according to the needs of our customers.

Smart City parking management

Smart Parking Management System

Smart City e mobility battery

Smart Parking & E-Mobility

Smart City data statistics

Smart Parking Data & Statistics

Smart City app web app

App / Web App / Control room


With our system implementation we aim to solve the main problems of finding parking space in the city.


30% reduction in traffic


Reducing Co2 emissions


Unpermitted occupation monitoring


Time optimisation

frame video smart parking
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Our Values

We aim to solve the major problems that plague the road system in small and large urban centres.

Our system is designed to be integrated into any existing or future mobility infrastructure from a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) perspective.

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CityZ provides an all-round Smart Parking service. Thanks to real-time sharing of parking space availability and an integrable IT system, the Smart Parking management system can be offered to Apps, municipal and private infrastructures.

To facilitate citizens, we have developed an IT system that can be integrated into any navigation and/or mobility App. CityZ’s Smart Parking service will be present in all participating Apps.

By monitoring the status of parking spaces in real time, we can develop a customised parking management App and/or Web App for the customer; the main functionality is to provide a real-time view of the availability of parking spaces within the car park. Furthermore, it can allow users to reserve a parking space in advance, pay for the use of the parking space and receive reminders when their parking time is about to expire.

Unlike current sensors on the market, which require invasive installation methods such as drilling holes in the asphalt or shaving, CityZ’s Adhesive Smart Sensors are installed by gluing them to the road surface. This installation method brings benefits as costs and time are drastically reduced due to the simplicity of the operation.

MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is a global mobility concept involving the integration of multiple services accessible through a single digital channel. Through ‘digital intermediary platforms’, which combine various functionalities and guarantee different travel alternatives, users can plan, book and pay for multiple services according to their needs.

Work With Us

Working with CityZ means interfacing with a young, dynamic and innovative context that wants to revolutionise urban mobility by focusing on technology and sustainability.